Client Services

contract placement

Contract Placement

Provides you with skills and talent on tap for whatever period you need to cover. You can add staff resources as required without increasing permanent long-term headcount. One engagement facilitates your assignment of workers anywhere you need them, quickly and efficiently.

contract to direct

Contract to Direct

As with contract placement assignments, you can add talent at will. In this case the cost of an eventual direct hire fee is spread out over time, providing you with a vehicle to control cash-flow, and still build your core permanent staff on a pay-as-you-go basis.

direct placement

Direct Placement

We take your direction and feedback, and translate it into short-list hiring for you, eliminating or reducing your costs of recruitment, testing, candidate verification, and HR onboarding costs.

payroll services

Payroll Services

When you engage KCM to provide full-service payrolling and benefits services, we handle all the details of a full service human resources department for you; Empowering your management team to focus your company’s resources on your own competitive strengths.