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Innovation for a Better World

Headquartered in southeastern Michigan, with offices in the Inland Empire and the Central Valley areas of California, KCM has caught the innovation-fever that’s tangible in both Detroit and the West Coast. KCM never takes success for granted – we continuously redefine the employment solution paradigm. Our workforce is hungry to put their skills to work and be game-changers for your company. Our mission is to fuel that fire.

KCM has been placing engineering, administrative, skilled trades, and warehouse employees across the US since 2005. As a proud member of the National Minority Supplier Development Council, KCM supplies top-tier professionals to a multitude of companies spanning diverse industries nationwide. We have a dynamic network of talented individuals ready to step right in and contribute, allowing your business to achieve greater success.

We look out for our clients by thoroughly screening our candidates using a worldwide database and responding to any issues faster than our competitors. With our MBE certifications, our clients simultaneously receive incredible talent solutions and contribute to their diversity spend. We also offer flexible hiring options and do our part for the environment and community.


KCM's mission is threefold;

To spark change in our clients and whom they hire by connecting them with ideal candidates.

 To inspire candidates to challenge the status quo and look for their dream job.

 To value our associates by offering rewarding careers.

 With this, we help grow a more diverse and accepting world.

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