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KCM partners with Fleece & Thank You

KCM Technical was able to give back for #givingtuesday!

KCM Technical has partnered up with Fleece & Thank You.

Fleece & Thank You has a mission to comfort 30,000 kids in the hospital with blankets.

While the pandemic has put a pause on our mission and goal to make blankets as a group, we found a new way to help Fleece & Thank You.

KCM Technical is excited to announce that we are donating $2,000.00 to go toward a washer and dryer.

This washer and dryer is essential due to the fact that hospitals are no longer accepting outside resources.

Fleece & Thank You Co-Founder, Nicholas Kristock says, "Rather than wait for this time to pass, we need to go on the offensive and find a way to ensure that we can provide germ-free blankets to patients, and the only way to do that is to source our own industrial strength, hospital-grade washing machine and dryer."

Our donation of $2,000.00 will go towards Ozonisation treatment that will be injected into the washer and dryer which will kill 99.999% of bacteria, ensuring hospitalized children will be gifted germ-free blankets.

It doesn't stop there; each blankets comes with a code, with that code you can send a video to whoever gets your blanket. That child can make a response video.

Fleece & Thank You has a goal to raise $5,000.00. You can make your mark by going to to donate

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