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Updated: Apr 3, 2020

Meet Pam

If there’s anyone who lives a perfectly holistic life, it’s Pam.

Pamela Williford started her career in 1969 while she was still in high school as a clerical staff member at General Motors. She continued her employment at GM through her education at Wayne County Community College and Walsh College of Accountancy and Business Administration.

Evidently, General Motors saw something special in Pam as she was regularly promoted in the company over the next 33 years. Pam demonstrated ambition and proved her value in her hard work. By the time she left GM, she was the Budget Manager working directly under the Executive Director of Market Research.

“All my life, as far back as I can remember, I have been a server – a supporter.  That is who I am.I was raised to believe that you must know that some else is better off because you live. Therefore, take your eyes off yourself, focus on others, and you will receive the desires of your heart.That’s what I’ve always done and that’s what I still do.”Pamela Williford, Owner and President at KCM Tech

In 2001, Pam started Williford Group, a network marketing business. Her business trained, developed, and offered opportunities to those looking for supplementary income. Williford Group is where Pam learned that she could take more control of how her work uplifts those around her.

While Williford Group was up an running, Pam left General Motors in 2002 and became the Chairman of the Board of Directors at East Bethlehem Lutheran School. She gave her all to building up the school and its ministration efforts. After two years, she became the Administrator until her departure in 2006.

KCM and Beyond

KCM Technical was Pam’s biggest career move to date. Pam co-founded KCM Tech in 2005 to enable Detroit’s workforce by offering recruiting services. KCM also provides front and back office support to staffing companies in the automotive and manufacturing industries.

With MBE certifications, KCM is expanding passed Michigan state lines with its “people first” approach. As President, Pam ensures that KCM makes giving back a priority, through both business practices and charitable contributions.

Since 2005, Pam has also served as Treasurer and a member of the Board of Directors at Abayomi Community Development Corporation, a faith-based non-profit organization created to help secure safe housing, provide child services, and other humanitarian outreach programs.

Today, Pam is actively volunteering and mentoring at Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan (RIM) and Fresh Start in addition to her roles at Abayomi, KCM, and Williford Group.

As she merges her career with her intense need to serve, Pam is a true inspiration to those who want to live their values. She is both busy and extremely friendly. Connect with Pam on LinkedIn to see more of her ageless smile and ongoing social efforts.

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